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Thread: Question about Diminishing Returns

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    Default Question about Diminishing Returns

    OK we all know how it will gonna be:
    up to 8 sec CC,then 1/2 of applied,then 30 sec immunity.

    My question thou is after first stun for example what is the time needed DR to reset?

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    you mean if a 2nd cc from the same dr group isn't applied after the first, how long for a reset to full duration? i don't know, good question.

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    The way it works on the PTS is

    Apply the CC
    "Immunity" starts
    8 seconds later CC lifts
    Apply second CC(of same group)
    4 seconds later CC lifts
    Target remains immune to that group of CC for a remainder of 18 seconds.

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    The way I read this...
    * In PvP, being hit with a crowd control effect starts a diminishing returns timer. (We are currently testing this value at 30 seconds.) If you are hit with a second effect from the same group (Movement or Control) during that time, the effect is reduced by 50%. You are then immune to additional effects from the same group until the initial timer has expired.
    ** excerpt from http://forums.riftgame.com/showthrea...-11-Addition-2
    • First CC within group hits player A
    • Duration of first CC applied at 100%.
    • 30 second timer for player A is initialized.
      • [#]Second CC within group hits player A.
        [#]Duration of second CC applied at 50%
        [#]Player A now immune to future CC from group until 30 second timer clears.
    • 30 second time for player A is cleared.
    • All CC for group back to full duration.

    Of course, that is just how I read it.
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