Sorry to make a new thread, but I want this to be slightly streamlined, and do not feel like posting it in the 15 different threads referring to premade vs pug.

A lot of people feel that they are at a disadvantage when they hit level 50. This is because they do not have good gear, and they are at a lower prestige rank than the majority of the pvpers.

I hear referenced over and over rank gear being what is causing these players to be so hard to kill, and so much stronger etc etc.

I want to let everyone in on a little secret. The PVE gear from T2-LGS-ROS is far superior to the pvp gear vendors. If you are getting steamrolled in your rank 1 rings, go spend some time pveing and get some plaques. purchase some t2 gear. spend time with your guild working on lgs.

this also requires team work, vent, etc. all the necessary features that are required to be successful in pve. there are lots of arguments about how pvp and pve are different. well they are to an extent, but they also share a lot in common.

Teamwork first and foremost.
The ability to communicate effectively.
The ability to work toward a common goal.

so each time you think about referring to the desparity between you as rank 1 and them as rank 6. you have a way to make yourself completely viable in pvp, without ever having to step foot in a battleground.

your counter argument is now going to shift from rank gear to rank soul. alright lets discuss that as well.

the single most important tool in the pvp soul is break free, followed by detaunt for clerics/mages. you can get both of these skills at rank 1. what the pvp soul does for you is increase your survivability. it also inherently takes away from your other skills.

what this means is, if you are a healer, you are not as good of a healer. if you dps, you do not dps as well anymore. etc etc.

well i dunno if i have made myself clear or not, feel free to comment/flame away. just offering people another solution to a flaming problem on the forums.