Everyone else is starting a thread on the subject, so will I.

Pre Made Group vs. Pre Made Group will have top priority in the queue.

If a PMG can't be matched to another PMG, they will go into a additional, mandatory, minimum 30 (or other reasonable time frame) minute queue time before being matched to a PUG.

This will have 3 effects.

1. It will hopefully encourage folks in one faction, use their uber organizational skills to help PMGs on the opposite faction get rolling. Maybe even help the phenom of faction lop-sidedness.

2. It will keep PUGs from being forced to face the same PMG over and over, unless battle group populations are simply low.

3. When populations are to low to support PMG vs. PMG warfronts, the PMGs will hopefully PUG for awhile instead to shorten queue times, this will also mix it up a bit for PUGgers, possibly they'll only be facing partial teams, in some warfronts.

When populations are high, everyone will get to play, with normal queue times, when it's low PMGs will suffer longer queues, and PUGs will still end up facing pretty much the same teams when they do break up to PUG, but thems the grits.

Just an off the cuff idea, et the QQ begin.