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Thread: Key to WF success

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    Default Key to WF success

    Simply be on the team with the most heals. Im still somewhat new to the higher level WFs but it seems to me that having the most heals on your team is all that is required to win. Holding the fang, holding a node, capture the flag whatever. Heals trumps all. I almost never lose playing my cleric or chloro and rarely win playing any dps unless i luck into a team with more heals.

    I understand heals has its place in the game but why one aspect of the holy trinity(tank, heal, dps) should be allow to hold such a lead over the other 2 in terms of success i dont understand. Being able to heal with 4 ppl beating on me just doesnt seem right. And while thats going on the other heals on the team can freely cast since I(or them if rolls are reversed) am tying up so much. Maybe im alone but this just seems to take the fun out of WFs.
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    That is what happens when you
    a)donīt use a hard interrupt system, you are getting damaged (by dd spells ae dds a meele hitting you or first tick of a dot) then you canīt cast period. (daoc)
    b)donīt have meeles with disrupt that have a high chance of interrupting spellcasting on every meele hit(warhammer)

    You simply canīt balance meele vs ranged and damage vs healing without having one of the two properly.
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