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Thread: Que times are horrid

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    Default Que times are horrid

    I spent the weekend queing up for games and it was horrible. I laugh at what they call their average que time. No idea where they get those numbers from but they are not true. I really only play this game for PVP so if the que issue isnt fixed there is not much for me here. I shouldnt have to wait over an hour for a battle of port scion. This is suppose to be content for us. Do what ever it is you need to do, add more clusters, add more servers what ever it is. Please fix them.

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    I'm interested in what bracket you are in?

    I can always find a pvp game at any time of the day but I have to have 4 characters in 4 different brackets to do it.

    With any single one of them I can't always get fast pvp, the level 50 goes on very slow ques, sometimes, they all do, but there's one that'll usually give in.

    Anyways, please see this thread, it kinda helps this problem.

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