I know there are a lot of posts saying they want more world pvp, and that a lot of people couldn't care less one way or another, but i was trying to think of a way to encourage it.

So, i was thinking what if they have special tears that you can open to trigger a zone invasion. The catch is, your faction is invading the zone, trying to drive out the enemy strongholds and possibly establish new footholds in other areas.

There might be some limit to how to open these invasions, say an ascended power and possibly require a planarite charge.

So, why bother with it at all? Because succeeding in an invasion grants prestiege, favor, and possibly other rewards they could add (such as perhaps new artifacts etc?) depending on the number of people opposing you (so if you pick a zone when its deserted you hardly get anything).

So, the invasion could open a bunch of rifts as normal, but for one reason or another (im sure trion would be better at the lore than me) these rifts spawn members of your faction, and like normal rifts launch invasions that establish footholds, annoy enemy towns, the ussual stuff.

So why bother trying to oppose them? Aside from keeping your quest hubs defending against them could give some pvp rewards, perhaps some favor (scaling depending on the number of enemy players present), perhaps prestiege, and probably some other stuff trion could add.

And of course, if the other faction successfully defends from your invasion (say by closing all your rifts or whatever) then they get a good pvp reward.

Im sure there are a lot of problems with this idea, but quite frankly most of the time in warfronts it feels like im off fighting for the army while everyone else just sits in sanctum looking pretty for no real reason, i want to feel like im part of a faction rather than just a player.