Honestly I feel I have been lied to by the Trion marketing department since I purchased this game strictly for PvP and let's face it, PvP should have never been put in the game (at least not in it's current state) Rift from the ground up was designed as a PvE MMO and that is the base problem with PvP in this game.

The abilities put into place to allow for PvE progression just do not translate over to PvP without inherit and horrible imbalances. We have over the top mitigation, over the top CC, over the top burst DPS. It seems that everything is a polarizing extreme.

If the issues w/ PvP itself was not enough of a problem you also have instanced PvP (Warfronts) which is nothing more than a PvE grind with players or bots! I was really amazed to see a total WoW clone in this area. I mean really another capture the flag!?? I did expect to see RvR zones, some type of control point fighting, dungeon control fighting. You know logical PvP stuff that any Dev should come up with.

Grinding Favor/Prestige != PvP
Open World fighting = PvP

So it is no surprise that groups are going to form up in order to quickly farm favor and prestige. The problems are not with the PM's as much as the problem lies with the whole horrible idea of instanced PvP/Favors/Prestige grind. Smart players are going to always abuse this type of system and once those select groups of people have their gear, and rank it really kills the progression down for everyone else that either does not have the time to devote or just basic lack of skill and/or group of friends to queue with.

The new patch that will be out next week, while it might solves some issues it's only going to exacerbate more problems. The flaw has to do with the underlying design of the game and how it was never intended for PvP.

All of our *****ing and moaning is basically trying to get the Rift devs to fit a square peg into a round hole.

I really hope the Devs can figure these things out. The game itself plays incredibly well hardly any issues with the client. Only a handful of exploits here and there (that I have seen so far) but nothing earth shattering at least in PvP.

I just think the devs are going to constantly be playing catch up so no matter what it is always going to be one extreme to the next.

You guys (Trion) really should have put a little more thought into your PvP implementation with at least some RvR zones and not just a carbon copy of the failure that is WoW instanced PvP.

Best of luck sloving the issues, it's a complicated task hope you guys can pull it off.

My two cents.