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Thread: PvP Rank balance system at WFs

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    Lightbulb PvP Rank balance system at WFs

    First - need change queue system - start WF only when FULL team ready
    (now WF start: BG 5of10, other 6of15 mans)

    Second - add balance system based on PvP Rank.

    Example 10man (Black Garden), average PvP Rank:
    5xR6 + 3xR3 + 2xR2 = (30+9+4)/10 = 4.3R
    7xR4 + 2xR6 + 1xR3 = (28+12+3)/10= 4.3R

    This is easy example, also Trion can implement special (hidden) PvP coefficient and use it.

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    Warfronts do say for example 10 to 20 per team so I think it's about time we get it out of our heads the thought that warfronts are always going to fill the team sizes because this is already false. I myself used to be angry at all of these 6v7 Codex games but no longer, it's intended that way and not a bug.

    I think it is interesting that we complain so much here about better geared and more veteran players. I've played four MMOs and this is the only one I've ever come across where the concept of being outgeared is enough for an outrage on the forums. Hell, gear doesn't even matter that much in this game! In my premades I often play naked for the sport of it, it hardly affects my damage. The PVP souls which you are granted access to could hardly be considered overpowered so that argument is moot.

    My theory is that nobody wants to blame themselves for being beat. They don't want to outplay their opponents they want it made easier for them. Why even have a prestige mode in the first place if all you are going to do is treat it as if it's another level bracket further decimating queue times? It's bad game sense.

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