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Thread: What do Rogues do that YOU have a hard time dealing with?

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    Default What do Rogues do that YOU have a hard time dealing with?

    Title sums it up.

    What type of Rogues do you fear the most? Talk to me about what Rogues do to you which give you the most trouble, if anything. Is it the Fell Blades/Anathema healing reduction? Is it Jagged Strike/Puncture/Impale dots? Is it the 8 seconds of stun from Paralyzing Strike/Foul Play? Is it their survivability with Blackout or Rifstalker talents after they open on you?

    Let's hear it! I want to learn from the other side of the fence.

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    All of my problems could have been fixed


    I would have been a warrior and ain't been afraid of no roques.

    I would also be the interrupter/mana drainer on your cleric/pyro/stormcallers which dominator isn't for some reason, oh well.

    I also snare frontlines, too bad I won't get to see level 50 pvp on a war for a long *** time.
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