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Thread: Just have fun guys!

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    Default Just have fun guys!

    Post says it all boys! If you find yourself doing this ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfIaFYQYZDI
    Its time to take a break =)

    Remember, the game is new, 2 months old? Things ARE going to change, some you will like, some you wont. You are allowed to have opinions, but you are NOT entitled to anything. Yes you pay to play, but it is not your game. It never will be.

    If you find yourself getting so upset over random Pyro, or Cleric, or Pre-Mades, and trying to shove random things in your butt..Its time to take a break boys! Go outside, smoke a bowl, make an alt, bone your wife, bone your buddies wife! Just take a break, its a game, its supposed to be fun. If you feel strongly and hate the game that much, just quit guys, theres lots of games to play.

    Anal Penetration caused by Nerd Raging is not covered under any Insurance plan.

    Make an alt!

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    That video was staged.

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