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Thread: Why don't heals count in WF as much as damage?

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    Default Why don't heals count in WF as much as damage?

    I noticed in WF's if I do damage on my cleric I get way more Favor than if I heal (did it a few times to test it, I love healing more).

    I mean it's a noticeable difference. So it is in my best interest to do damage? that's stupid.

    I'd rather heal and keep my group alive. All MMO's seem to have this issue, healing doesn't count in dungeons etc for as much as damage. I hope Trion fixes this, with the talk of nerfs and this.. they are going to lose all their healers in this game fast.
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    I think it may be because (at least a higher ranks) it becomes more diffcult to deal damage rather than to heal. Yes it is difficult to heal well, just as it is to deal damage well, but the current valor system heavily favours healing.

    If, however, favor gains were also based (if they arent already) on effective healing (and not overhealing, or only marginally on overhealing) then it could be balanced without making it worthless to dps.
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