I think it can be agreed that cleric played well can be very tough in PvP, but their strengths might be necessary for PvE content.
I think that alot of people agree that there are a few souls in need of a boost/encouragement in PvP.
I believe that alot of people would like to see some balance.

In that spirit, I'd like to suggest two specific abilities to be placed near the end of two underpowered souls:

44 pts - "Playing the Flipside" aka Reverse Heal Effects (3 min cooldown) (range 10m) (finisher/single target) (duration 30 sec) - With this finisher, the bard, through playing music backwards ala the old heavy metal bands of the 80s not only finds the hidden message to Satan, but converts all healing effects on target to damage for 30 sec duration. Can not be dispelled.

Getting a rogue to play a bard is like pulling teeth. They aren't usually feared on the battefield and could probably use some pvp love. This ability may pretty much ensure the death of a healer, assuming the bard lives long enough to get the full 5 combo points on the cleric and can get within 10m of the cleric to get it in. The 3 min downtime means that it's not going to get spammed. It doesn't change any mechanics of the clerics, and makes the bards......dangerous! No more clerics dancing around 4 useless rogues LoLing away. If this ability carried into PvE there may actually be people asking for bards/rogues in dungeons. It's a little rock-paper-scissors, but honestly, there's nothing I'd love more to see than a fully decked cleric running for his life away from...a bard.

The second skill:

44 pts - "Look at the Emperors fine robes" aka Reverse Damage Mitigation (3 min) (range 20m) (full charge/single target) (duration 30 sec)- The dominator inverses the acquired damage mitigation, amplifying the damage instead to the ratio previously mitigated.

I know nothing about the dominator. I have seen one dominator in pvp....ever. I don't even know if people group with them. With this ability, any targets that rely on massive damage mitigation find that they are taking amplified damage in ratio to what they were avoiding (i.e. if you were taking 1/2 of all damage you are now taking 2x the damage, if you were taking 1/4 damage you are now taking 4x damage). Those nigh unkillable targets just became very killable for a 30 sec window. Again, this might open up group and raid involvement for the Dom. After the decreasing returns on CC, they're going to need big love. I mean, seriously, come on....it's the Dom!

So there you go, my simplistic attempt at 2 skills that might lead to some balance and open up a few souls that I personally feel are underutilized/underpowered/underrated.