I have had some thoughts on warfront balancing.

As warfront queuing is much like the coming LFD tool I would like to suggest a similar approach to the random Warfront tool.

When you queue, you chose a role. Tank/Damage/Heal. The warfront teams are composed of an equal number of healers, damage dealers and tanks... this would not be class based but role based. As is the nature of this game people could change rolls to dps but would either take a hit to favor gained OR miss out on a bonus from staying in that role for the duration of the match.

I am aware it would lengthen queues. But I would rather wait for 20+ minutes than enter a warfront and get hammered by a team that had 4 times the healers we have.

Balance this with some intuitive favor gains from objective based PVP and the game would be much more fun to play.