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Thread: new open shard pvp ideas

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    Default new open shard pvp ideas

    control towers or pvp base zone

    here is mine, we need some insentive to open pvp in this game on pvp servers.

    so give us an area with timed controlled artifacts or bases that enable the both factions a buff that gives rare shards from either dungeon bosses or a boss that spawns for the faction with the buff and drops certain type of relic they can cash in for items from like a pvp faction ,this would encourage open shard pvp not just warfronts, its easy as that not hard at all to implement.

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    Add to this have faction towns that only give out quest/faction points given by the faction that controls them. once taken they are not contested again for a couple of hours and then then other side can come try to take it from the controlling faction.

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