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Thread: Biggest problem I see in WF's

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    Default Biggest problem I see in WF's

    Nobody communicates.

    I am kind of chatty so I am always typing something useful to update my team on what is going on.
    But nobody ever replies, nor do I ever get any responses like when I am suddenly alone at the Codex and a rogue incapacitates me and starts to cap it.

    I type that I need help, I can see people who are dancing with the opposing faction not to far away but they never reply and they never come and help. First the rogue caps the Codex, then he kills me because nobody is communicating. Sadly this one event has caused almost certain victory to result in defeat.

    Why don't people communicate?
    I don't like mean people, rude people and people who are not nice.

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    The only time people give a hoot about their teammates is when the aren't getting the heals they are entitled to ([insert faction here] never heals) or they need something from you. Aside from that, 9 times out of 10, if they have any reflexes at all, they will come out of their trance / stupor just as you fall dead after 30 seconds of running around asking for help, and then die immediately.

    And then complain that "[insert faction here] never heals!"

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