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Thread: Reason to do PvP / Make people do PvP(In PvP servers mostly)

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    Default Reason to do PvP / Make people do PvP(In PvP servers mostly)

    Hello, My name is Jazzel. I am from PvP server called Whitefall. Ive been waiting for really long time some nice PvP action, yeah there is few PvP activities such as:you search players around the world.. but that is fairly boring also warfronts.. they are terrible - you know it. Why would you kill these guys? Is my point in this thread, Trion should make players to do PvP for a reason. Give us some kind of thing to do, such as capturing objects in telara and reward players for it(Good example is tiny buff which will increase the factions Exp, Money, Favour, Prestige, and Notoriety rating by 5%).

    In nutshell: PvP objectives = buff/insertrewardhere for Doing something in that objective.

    Also, make skills different in PvP and PvE. Ty.
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    Weren't the ancient wardstones introduced for this? They do seem to cease to exist at lvl 50 tho and before then the rewards are questionable in a lot of cases.

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    There are almost always fights in Zarephs Return when I travel there and I love to participate in those fights Why am I fighting? Because I'm a guardian and I have to fight for the evil side. We guardians just love to torture kids of the machine.

    On a more serious note, I fight because I want to help out my fellow guardians and because I think it's fun. It does bother me though that the world pvp rewards are straight out laughable, I can easily get 3-5x more favor/prestige by WFing even if I'm actively pvping close to a graveyard and everything which bothers me a lot since I love pvping but I feel like warfronts are just one long grind :/ I mean I don't mind doing a WF once in a while, but when I Need to do it in order to rank up then it turns into such a big turn off for me at least.

    Edit: Sagespire btw
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