if i throw Expose Weakness on a Guardian its counted as a hostile action, so if they run by a guard then the make a b-line for me and THWACK no more stealth (didnt happen before last hotfix)

Slip Away
does not stealth (50% of the time), does not drop Mob agro (never does anymore, ever since hotpatch 15 i believe), does not break combat (dont even remember when it did... maybe back in Beta), Damage/debuffs still being applied during immune time (while in stealth or when stealth isnt applied...)

Im just frusterated that stealth is sucking more and more, i was stealthed in the Defiant side of Zareph's Reach and a Guardian run right up to me and titan struck me... i cant use Slip Away defensivly in PvP (not stealthing when i really need to, AoEs break stealth while in immune time) or PvE (Mobs dont stop fallowing me... had an elite flesh golem from stillmoor fallow me for 2 minutes (maybe more but Slip Away came off CD...)