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Thread: Want to Nerf Clerics? Fix Champions

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    Default Want to Nerf Clerics? Fix Champions

    With healing seemingly out of control, and slated to get even more powerful with the valor changes, more Mortal Strike..., i mean lingering wounds, would be a good idea! In my opinion champions could quite easily be tweaked into viability with fairly minor changes to the craptacular vindicator tree.

    Adding magic damage mitigation as seen in Templar tree.

    Adding Armor penetration and removing useless abilities like forced recon.

    Adding critical strike chance.

    Basically champions need to get their balls back and we might have some balance against OP heal clerics and high dps casters.


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    Champs are already great dps. I dominate mages, and if my VK purge actually removes GoS then I dominate all the mediocre pyros. Good mages beat me, but I still hurt them bad before dying.

    Main healers need to have low survivability, but great heals. Look at the warrior pvp tree. Half of it is built to protect squishies. Any single dps class beating on a healer should be a threat to the healer. This creates teamwork! A tank should be the healer's best friend.

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    Champions are fine. Buff VKs instead. They were hit too hard with the nerfbat last time around. Make the mana drains viable. Right now they require 5-6 rotations to fully drain mana. Good luck staying alive that long.

    Not that clerics need much mana to heal anyway; especially warden.

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