Just wanting to get every ones opion on makeing 2 dirfent q styles for pve and pvp servers.

Dont know how hard it would be, but why not make a battle group or pve servers that are solo q only, then make the pvp battle group servers be able to q as full raids.

Or I would even be up for a pvp ffa server.

Way I see it is there are players that do not want to go up agianst premades at all even thow atm you can,only q as a party of 5. Then there is the oppisit type of playere that wants to be able to q as a full raid. How hard would it be to make 2 dirfent server types. Our at the verry least a box some one can check to be put in only a wf with other solo players. Or a make pug wf and raited wf.

If any one elce has any one elce has any,ideas please poast in the unlikely chance that a dev reads the poast.