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Thread: Boredom LoL build- Thoughts?

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    Default Boredom LoL build- Thoughts?

    Before anyone even bothers taking this too seriously, I was bored and spent all of 3-4 minutes messing with a talent builder and decided to see just how much raw magical mitigation could be achieved by a warrior, and this is what I came up with.


    44% static magical resistance, 15% of that also reducing incoming physical damage.

    Anyone able to come up with something better, and obviously not more viable, though that would be interesting to have it be viable. But I mean by better, as in more raw mitigation against elemental damage?

    Again, just a from boredom look at how much magical mitigation can be achieved, viable or not, got anything better? Post it up, viable would be awesome, but just looking for the highest possible mitigation.

    Oh and no using phalanx, it isn't maintainable.

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    Keeping in mind that blanket damage reduction reduces spell damage - stuns reduce the opportunity for the target to do damage - etc, etc, etc.

    Viable? I would not waste the 50 gold to respec for it to test it out, but hey - that was not the point of the thread.

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