Being one of the few dedicated PvPer's on Deepwood PvE it's pretty obvious that unless we organize that the other servers in our cluster are going to continue winning the majority of the matches we play. How many times have you queued to see a Reclaimer premade and get sent packing in short order.

It isnt not very constructive to QQ all the time IG about Pyros, Clerics, or their premades when we could be doing the same thing. I have a few guildmates who PvP and when we get on together we win the majority of our games. Frankly good coordination wins more games than ZOMG! DPS or healing (though that doesnt not hurt).

If your interested in grouping and using sensible tactics in WF's: Focus fire on casters, objective capture over KB's, etc. Send me a IG e-mail, PM me here, or add me as a friend and send a tell to Glocknall.

Im looking for serious players, those who generally behave themselves in WFs and do not belittle the competition or their team.

See you in the Warfronts,