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Thread: DISCUSSION: Make Favor contribution based

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    Default DISCUSSION: Make Favor contribution based

    What you guys think?

    Making favor contribution based will not only award those who actually PvP but those who are boting and just trying to get the ranks will find it harder unless they actually are not boting and are being a factor in the matches.

    In addition this solves many of the issues where some classes may need to keep their range (May miss out on favor) and yet they may be healing or contributing in other factors where they may miss on the favor earnings.

    It makes no logical SENSE someone who doesn't do anything just put /follow on someone and earn just as much favor as the most contributing person in the match.

    Please discuss with supporting points if in favor or not on this idea and please explain why. I do see a majority concern on this issue....

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    Hey Dava!

    As long as Guarding a chokepoint, or focus point, nets me the same points as the front liners, and AFK bots get 0, I'm down.
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