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Thread: PvP Content and CCs

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    Default PvP Content and CCs

    Why is it that no MMO maker ever dare to do what's right?

    Just remove all forms of CC from all forms of PvP, not every soul have to be PvP viable, you have 4 soul combination to use.

    As soon as you try to alow CC in PvP the problems start, and it stops being real PvP.

    Right now in RIFT, it's not a question about how well you know your class or have fast you can react, it's just a question of how have the most CC's and CC-breaker's, and who can puch them the fastest after cooldown.

    Remove all CCs, and see to it that you make room for skill instead of souls in the system.

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    Some CC is needed, but it needs to be implemented in a fashion that promotes strategic use of CC, instead of spamming it everywhere.

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