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Thread: First time pvp healer

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    Default First time pvp healer

    I want to start pvping as a cleric healer. I've never pvp'd before so I'm unsure of best soul combo for it. Any help with that and general pvp heals would be great

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    Most cleric healers are heavy into sentinel in some way - A lot of them go deep just to get serendipity, touch the light and a silence. A versatile build is around 20-28 sentinel, then mix in warden and templar.

    There's a justicar/hybrid weird tank/heal spec out there but I won't bother linking it, check the forums if you want it.

    Not many people use Purifier as its a little too situational - Searing Transfusion is "Meh" at best and shields don't scale well with your gear, but it has a few neat added extras early on, like shielding other players, an instant spammable heal, and some bonus spellpower/wisdom modifiers.

    Honestly, I run *mostly* in my sentinel/purifier build which I tweak back and forth - It's my personal opinion healers haste isnt very useful since it relies on you getting to cast spells in the first place, which in pvp is very rarely the case, you never actually get to cast anything but instants.

    http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00...g000z.xx0R0c0m - Something like that.

    A warden build you can find pretty much anywhere - It really doesn't take a lot of brains to put it together.
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    Sentinel is nice (my main tree) but many people are jumping on the Warden bandwagon. Tons of insta-casts, etc...

    Since you're just starting out, I say to give everything a whirl. See what tree fits you best. The healing trees couldn't be any more different, so pick your poison.

    Considering you give PvP healing a shot, be prepared for interrupts, ccs, stuns, etc... One can assume that you have 0 valor or are prestige 1, so you're going to need all the insta-casts you can get.

    Other than that, enjoy it! You're going to be focus fired, people won't peel things off of you, your dps are all going to be attacking different targets, and people will complain about lack of heals.

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