You have all the tools necesarry to create one of the best pvp game's out there yet you fail to capitalize on this market???

If you added frontiers or any time of large scale zone that promoted people to attack /defend and roam that zone you could create a long term scenario to bring in a whole knew fan base for pvp mmo's and create a scene for rift to continue on for years to this is how it was done right before

""Players are thrust into an immense struggle for their realm's supremacy by fighting in a neverending battle for keeps, ancient relics of power and their futures. The frontiers provide a battleground for the numerous keeps that must be conquered to reign supreme over the other two realms.

Each realm has its own frontier, which must be protected by its citizens. Its keeps determine the amount of control one realm has over its own territory or the territory of others. Capturing these keeps can yield a greater ability to take the relic keeps, which guard powerful relics of power and strength. When captured, they bring bonuses to the victorious realm.

Realm vs Realm battles are completely voluntary. Players who do not enjoy Player vs Player combat may opt to not participate by simply not traveling to the frontiers of their enemies or their own frontier. Players who thoroughly enjoy a full Player vs Player experience may join the Mordred server for hardcore PvP combat. There is also the option for a full Player vs Environment server by joining Gaheris, where realms cooperate to meet many goals in PvE. ""

Great pvp game.