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Thread: World PvP Event (firesand) : Raid on sacntum!

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    Default World PvP Event (firesand) : Raid on sacntum!

    sanctum! (can't change the topic)

    So, Defiants organized a world PvP event where the aim was to annihilate Guardian's Sanctum.

    Close to 100 people were summoned to fight and a big thanks to Codex Defiant, Astral Riders, Core, Pandora Reborn, Temporary, Elysium, The Ascended, Third Legion, Paladini, Yew Tree Brigade, Northern Winds and their members for joining in on organizing the raid.

    So as previously mentioned, close to 100 people met up at moonshade highlands, and had a crusade to Sanctum.

    First problem arised at the first gathering point. There's limitations to the client on how many mobs, characters etc are displayed at the screen at once.
    So that made it... interesting.

    That problem made also the bridge a huge issue, because it takes a _long_ time to actually let the guards spawn.

    Second problem, guard respawn time. Holy mother. 10 seconds? They hit like trucks, needs to be tanked by a well geared tank, and are forced down.

    Rhamm Dragonbane. We engaged him, killed him, and 1 (ONE) person got the title. out of 100.

    So, after 3 wipes on the bridge, mainly because of guards respawning faster than you can say cookie, together with the big problem of actually targeting players of the opposite faction, made the raid impossible to actually progress with.

    It was a fun event, and again, a big thanks to all that participated.

    But as you are encouraging for atleast some world pvp events (i.e opposite faction interfering on raid rifts), You should atleast give us a chance to do something, not getting smacked over the head by 6 guards respawning all the time.
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