Footholds need to be player controlled, I added this idea in my General Discussion Thread: here

Footholds need to be able to be built by players, whereever the player wants, and then "fueled" some how (via mats or crafted items or something) to build up an army. The longer the foothold is up, the more the person who started it can build it up.

Everyone in the players group can contribute items to the foothold to help build the army, the person who leads the group can control what gets built, and then when it reaches a certain level the "commander" will spawn and the group can then leave with their army to take over a town or some other such endeavor (even foot hold vs foothold fights)

While the foothold is up it shows up on a map, and then is open to being attacked by players, thus creating world pvp, and while a foothold can be started and ran by an individual it will benefit that player to run with people to give their foot hold a greater chance of success.