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Thread: All Classes are OP!!! Grrrr

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    Default All Classes are OP!!! Grrrr

    Everyone is OP, my dog is OP, my boss is OP, my 2 year old is OP. The guy next door to me is OP. The can opener I used to open my soup for lunch is OP. The dump I took today is OP. The forum modder here is OP. Grocery prices are OP. My pc is OP. Taxes are OP, my X is OP, drug addiction is OP, hangovers are OP. Waking up in the morning is OP and reading threads about stuff BEING OP is OP.

    Thanks for reading this OP post, for typing it was OP and now my fingers are OP.

    You know whats OP? the amount of these posts on things OP.

    Quit freaking whining, read the forums, there are like 2k worth of posts about the same thing you just posted!
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