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Thread: LF a nice warrior pvp build

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    Default LF a nice warrior pvp build

    Hello fellow Riftlovers,

    i was wondering if you guys know some imba or just fun warrior pvp build. I have been playing deep champion so far but it is not working for me as well as it used to on the low lvl warfronts. I mostly hate that I am being cced fairly easily and just die in the stuns. I was under the impression that the -50% healing debuff after the crits will help me against the healers and those being healed but since my gear is not the best it doesnt help at all imo.

    So what i was looking for was some more survivability while still having the potential to do a decent amount of dmg on the warfronts.

    Any comments regarding this matter would be appreciated.

    Thx for the help

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    I have been trying a lot of different specs for PvP warriors have no real good spec. Rift blade seems about the best so you can stay at range and try stay near some sort of obsticle so when u see that pyro running in u can los him. The tank specs offer so little damage that you get ignored to the most part as a simple hot will keep the target going fine untill they have beaten down others then they will turn to you.

    Champ build has been my main but the problem is it forces you into the frount lines and unless you have 2-3 healers to keep you going and no pyro on the enemy side you will get pawned pretty quick If there is a pyro then you can have 10 healers on you and it still wont help.

    Best is to play around a bit with specs and see what u find best suits you but as it stands warriors are not very usefull in PvP they get very little to keep them going and other classes are easily out damageing you.

    Gear atm for warriors also does not make that much differance i have seen full t6 warriors destroyed just as quick as t1 warriors there are some big issues with balance atm maby 1.2 will address a lot of them but that waits to be seen. Untill then though just play around untill you have a spec u like to play

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    Keep it on the down low


    #show Reckless Strike
    cast Turn the Blade
    cast Frenzied Strike
    cast Inescapable Fury
    cast Bloodthirst
    cast Rising Waterfall
    cast Furious Rage
    cast Path of the Wind
    cast Power Strike

    #show Bladefury
    cast Proper Timing
    cast Deathblow
    cast Bladefury

    SLI on it own and proper timing/devouring blow as well.

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