We are pleased to announce the addition of a new Warfront in patch 1.2.

Pit of Jelly Levels: 1 - 50 Players: 10

Objective: Survivor (last man standing) 15 minute time limit or 1000 points

Scenario: This Warfront starts with factions spawning on either side of a giant pit of jelly. Combat can only occur within the pit. Players must enter the pit within 1 minute of joining the Warfront or they will be placed into "Spectator" status and no longer be able to participate. Once a player has been placed in "Spectator" mode they will cease to obtain favor or prestige for the remainder of the match. Points are awarded for eliminating opponents and controlling the "pit". Bonus points may also be obtained for performing emotes (i.e.: /dance, /flex, etc) without being interrupted. Power ups will also randomly spawn during the match that will decrease the chance you can be interrupted while performing emotes.

Restrictions*: No armor, weapons, accessories, spells or other abilities can be used

This exciting new Warfront has been created due to all of the well thought out and unbiased feedback we have received on the forums.

* Taunting is allowed and the use of /(slash) commands are encouraged.