WoW pretty much set the standard for not being punished if you die in world PvP. You lose nothing but alittle time running back which can be irritating but nothing compared to the paranoia of actually losing anything.

In a lot of older mmorpgs we dealt with loss of coin / items for allowing ourselves to get player killed, which created players that were much more aware of their surroundings and alot more desperate in PvP. It also discouraged repeated gankings as if you took someones money and saw they didn't have an item worth a crap, there was no point in killing them again.

The Proposal: Coin loot in world PvP only. Players should be able to bank all their money by seeing a banker, and use that bank money to make common purchases, however if they accrue money in the world and get ganked, it should be stolen from them.

This would "intensify" the world pvp as we know it, but unlikely to ever implement due to people rage quitting.