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Thread: How rogues, warriors and mages fail at healing.

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    Default How rogues, warriors and mages fail at healing.

    This is just an observation of mine, take it or leave it.

    If you open up the scoreboard and you see that you healer is outputting little healing while the opposing team's healer is outputting lots of healing, don't start in on your healer. More then likely, CC and DPS, the fail is on your head.

    More often then not what a low heal on the scoreboard means is that your healer is getting slammed by effective CC and DPS from the opposing team. It means the other team has their act together and your team does not

    As DPS and CC you need to get on that and protect your healer if you want heals. If you see that your healer is dragging around a gang of warriors and rogues, get over there and help him. Also shut down that CC that keeps him from doing anything.

    If the opposing team has a healer with runaway heals, then this likely means, CC and DPS, you are not doing your job. Why is that healer healing unchecked? Why did you allow her to heal that much? Get on that, CC/DPS that healer and put a stop to it.

    Healing is not the just the job of clerics, DPS and CC, you need to do your part as well. I bet if healers got more support from their team and less grief from their teammates you'd see lot more healers on the battle field. If you want the healing love then you need to help your healer help you.

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    What about if I take a stack of raid potions along for lols and manage to out heal a healer with them?

    Am I allowed to mock them then?

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    I dont heal, but I see your point. So many times I have been chased by ONE guy when I am at 10% health. "Oh noes! I got it! Ill mez him! *horn toot* Haha *starts to flee - ranger takes ONE pot shot at him* FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF *dead*

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