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Thread: Clerics are to op atm needs fixing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eughe View Post
    Its not and its debate is all over cleric forums.
    Your sir did not read the entire post. So easy to quote one specific part of something and bash it - taking out of context.

    I said INQ dps can be dispelled, making their dps pointless.. So yes this type of DPS can be very low, or VERY HIGH. I know, because I can get more DPS then anyone in a warfront by simply throwing dots on people.. If they dont get dispelled then they will just keep ticking till they expire. I have tried all the classes, INQ has the" possibility" of the highest DPS, and I could honestly care less what the other morons say lol. Experience > people who think they know what they are talking about and their not even lvl 50.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Furybeard View Post
    Cleric in my guild did 1360 dps
    i did 1028

    Explain, we have excat same gear level and excat same hit(focus for him)...

    And in pvp well cleric is to op for its own now.. try play a rogue and come back
    Quit crying and run shards.

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