I don't hate you guys, I love you. I want you to be happy. And I know there are some legitimate problems with certain buffs/spells/aspects of your class, damage output and otherwise. But can I please, pleeeease quit hearing that rogues are worthless in PvP?

I am a cleric, so yeah, it's not often that a single rogue can take me 1v1 and kill me. But, rather than seeing this as a balancing act (because due to my build, I have no damage. What can I do, heal him to death? One cadence heals almost all the damage a couple of waterjets do), 99% of people use that kind of thing to say "Wah wah Rogues' damage is brooooken." Maybe it's just my server, I could see that, but I seriously doubt it's just Sunrest, after looking over many forum posts.

Rogues, tweaking needs to be done, it does, I agree, but for the love of god, you're no worthless pansies who can do nothing, that is so far from true it's unreal. The amount of cc or ranged damage a rogue has available to them means a person can be chained stunned for more than 5 seconds, or unable to take a codex point or sourcestone alone. And on the note of taking Sourcestones, either at Whitefall or Scion, there is no better carrier than a properly specced rogue. Hell, even improperly specced ones can handle it pretty well. I sure wish -I- had several different ways to break snares, and not just break them, teleport in the direction I want to go to do so.

Now, I'm not complaining about my own class, I think Cleric has some problems on the broken and nerfed end here and there myself, and maybe it's not just rogues I'm saying this too. Maybe it's everyone who has ever complained about not having enough damage and saying that makes them worthless. Guys, not just rogues, you can do more than just damage. You can defend points, transport objectives, maybe not kill a class yourself, but have the cc possible to let other people do so. Please learn the strengths and weaknesses of your classes rather than going "No damage? Broke."

A Cleric who hears everyone in his faction complain about how crappy rogues are, and then watches the other sides' rogues own their butts in every Scion battle by being amazing Sourcestone carriers