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    Out of all the MMO's I have played, this one warfront I hate the most. It needs a total revamp.

    Basically from all the ports I have played, what is won is mostly how much AOE is on the bridge and healing at the begining.. Once one side has the bridge under control it gives them a HUGE advantage. This is because people that die can simply pop up on bridge and keep killing people close to church/bridge. Bridge = Win 90 percent of the time. Once bridge is controlled the winning faction can get 3-6 stones in before the other faction can launch an attack back on the bridge.

    Once the attack on bridge commences then its another AOE fest, where stormcallers/pyros and even inquisitors for clerics dominate the field in damage, a healers nitemare to see so much AOE.

    Some sides opt out of attacking bridge second time and just go straight for the church, in order to collect shards and killing enemy shard carriers. What is done? Well, for rogues they have invincible "catch me if you can" act, so GL getting them.. I have seen port scions won solely off rogues sneaking in the church and yanking stones, even though the opposing side dominated the field completely. Other then that, I have seen battles turned completely by the side ignoring bridge altogether and everyone just returning to church.. This is rare however, I would have to say 10percent of the time this works.

    ~Bridge~ Its often at around 700 points that the winning side chooses to "give up" the bridge. While luring the opposing side into bridge they take it and then instant death occurs over.. and over.. again and again. Since the losing side usually has hardly any shard stones the winning side AOE's get about a 15-25 percent damage increase. Its simple, you spawn, you get stuned by the pyros aoe (theres always a pyros aoe).. two seconds later you die. Repeatedly. Fun times!

    After one side has about a 5-10 shard lead, its just about game over. Thats not just a damage increase, thats a damage decrease as well! I would have to say about 85 percent of the games I have played winning bridge at the start just about leads to a victory in the map.

    Horribly concept to be quite honest. Im sure the losing side loves to be murdered repeatedly after the shift of power is too great and they just prolong the inevitable and farm. Recently I saw one side actually tank the other sides BOSS (champion) and kill it (they stopped running shards and just camped the opposing sides champion while farming kills), my side couldn't return the stones because they were fighting the champion (he doesnt accept stones if he is in combat).. They eventually killed it and the game ended... took way too long.

    For those that will come in here and say QQ or other type of flame remark. Beware, I will report for flaming ^^
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    The buffs should be removed

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