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Thread: BUGS that are driving ppl away from this game faster then you think.

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    Default BUGS that are driving ppl away from this game faster then you think.

    How long is it going to take, or actually , how many subs is it going to take to fix game breaking bugs?
    I am talking about bugs such as :

    Warrior fear, that fears you UNDER THE MAP, INSIDE A THREE, INSIDE A ROCK, you are stuck and there is no way for you to get out, you become useless for the rest of the match staring at your feet.
    This is being abused in Warfronts so much from warriors they are even macroing **** like ``Lololol stuck again?`` that spams in say after using fear.
    So practically in maps like black garden goes like this:
    Start, go to the middle, 2/3 warriors charge in the middle of the opposing team, AOE fear, half the effing team is stuck under the map or inside rock,threes ,walls u name it.
    I have placed numerous reports to fix this issues and here is the answer I receive from an automatic reply that calls himself GM!

    This is what I wrote in one of the bug reports...
    Hi, I am reporting a severe issue with the ability ``aoe fear`` from the warrior class. It is creating a geometry problem by driving players inside walls/rocks/under the map etc. It would be really appreciated if given the right concern and fix this very irritating problem.

    The answer...
    Hello xxxxxx!

    Thank you for contacting us regarding RIFT. I do apologize for the difficulties that you’ve encountered. I do understand how frustrating this can be and will take the steps needed to assist you with this.

    It appears you might be experiencing an issue with the Rift Client. You may be able to resolve this issue by recovering your client by following the below instructions.

    1. Launch the Rift: client
    2. Sign into your account and log in
    3. Once signed into the launcher, please click the Recover icon on the bottom right corner of the launcher.
    4. The launcher will ask you to begin file recovery, please click the yes button.
    5. Allow the recovery process to go through
    6. Attempt to relaunch your game

    If that doesn work please reinstall the game

    I would suggest reinstalling the game client in order to resolve this issue. The game client can be uninstalled by entering Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Programs (Windows Vista and 7) in the Control Panel. Look for the entry titled RIFT and choose Uninstall.

    Once it has finished uninstalling, you should also make sure that the folder for RIFT has been deleted. The folder for RIFT is usually located at the following path:

    C:\Program Files\RIFT\

    RIFT CLIENT???? I tell you that a skill is broken and you answer me to /ReloadUI?

    Another broken ability would be Slip Away from the rogue class, the ability tool tip leterally says`` The rogue COMPLETELY DISAPPEARS from sight and becomes IMMUNE to ALL type of damage for 2 seconds. Well guess what, 90% of the times you use that ability that require 31 points spent deep into the assassin soul, you GET OUT OF STEALTH with an immune immune immune spam, but still it breaks stealth . And many many too many other abilities that we are reporting since beta and it feels like you dont give a rats S no more.

    I do understand that you have many issue to take care off such as fail world events and such, but we are talking about skills not working properly and being game breaking for a vast majority of the population.
    This post is for Trion to be seen, so nothing to discuss or flame on, but as usual do w/e .

    Fix the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristoph View Post
    I think everyone already stopped expecting Trion to be even remotely competent when it comes to PvP balance.

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    I noticed this in Port of scion, if used in the back of the church where the crystals are, I was feared through the wall and into the back alleys where you cannot get back into the normal part of the map. You are litterally behind the church and can only walk down some outside hallways and cannot re-enter the playing field.

    Pretty easy way of eliminating the competition.

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