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Thread: Solution to people who complain about premades: Make it like PvE

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    Default Solution to people who complain about premades: Make it like PvE

    In that people who solo get much lesser gear. As with PvE to obtain the best gear you must run a premade group of 5+ people to either run experts, raid rifts, or greenscale. Yes you can solo at 50 and get some ok gear but you will never see t2 or raid gear unless you, wait for it.... join a group.

    So to the people complaining about premades in pvp and that they just want their pvp for fun. ok simple solution.

    Add some crappy blue gear equivalent to crappy blue gear you can get soloing at 50, maybe a few warfront rep epics like PvE offers, and then offer all epic rank 2-3, 4-5, and 6 gear from premade vs premade system.

    Problem solved. Now, just like in PvE, people who solo can grind their way to blues, and people that form groups can grind their way to epics.

    If you dont like this solution then fighting premades is not your issue, your issue is premades slow down your ability to solo grind your way to epics.
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