Trion you should make good on your promise to do something new and exciting for pvp and give us a whole ladder and ranking system for guild vs guild WFs. This includes a queue for G v G only and prehaps a weekly tournament with loot rewards for winning based on earning points for finishing in a ranking position. We need something to give us a reason worth fighting for. Also a challenge system where you can target a guild and wager pts against them. If you do these things, I think you will see some really competitive and meaningful pvp. As well as gain some dedicated fans and respect of the pvp community. Me personally, Im getting tired of meaningless WF grind. There is nothing that makes me care about winning or loseing a WF. If I die it doesnt even register. These are the same issues warcraft had with their battlegrounds and once your had all your pvp gear from them you never go back to them. The reason I quit wow is because they pit pvp on the back burner for pve. I ask you to not put pvp on the back burner. I also ask you to address these core issues with the current pvp with all due haste and make it a priority over everything. Even balance issues. Because, although it sucks having a weak class. It sucks even more having a pointless pvp session over and over.

Kind regards