We all know that many times, PvP fails because people don't do what they're supposed to do. It's normal to get annoyed with them. This topic is about the response to stuff like that.

First of all, a few suggestions (read these if you're the TL/DR type):
1) if you notice people being disorganized and not doing what they're supposed to do, pls tell them in raid chat to regroup/go to X etc in a polite way so that they might actually listen
2) if you notice somebody trying to organize people, try to help him by at least following his instructions.
3) if you notice somebody doing something else than what you intend to do, ask yourself or maybe him why he might be doing that and if there might be a good reason, join in
4) If you chainlose, don't take it out on the first person you come across

I often go in Whitefall and see people requesting a regroup to go cap the flag. I often do that myself. And people ignore it. They go in one by one. I try to at least follow around the people who do go for flag capping (I usually play healer), but other people don't follow and just go at random. So you see a couple of people attacking from mid. Why go attack from the right on your own? And then, usually the same people who do that start yelling "u all sux" and stuff...

And an amusing thing happened to me in Black Garden today. Now I normally play a cleric healer, but this time I was running as dps/support heals just for variety's sake. There was already a healer in the group, so it seemed ok. I joined after the battle started. So they kill every deffie out there, and it's just us guardians remaining, and NOBODY picks up the fang. So I casually go and pick it up, and stay in the middle, and fight off incoming deffies because that's the only way I can heal myself, and since they died so quickly the first time, I figured it's a good strategy to hold them off there and get more points instead of running behind the trees. I hold it for 150 points, mainly with self-heals, and then ofc I die. Then the healer starts yelling at me that I should have moved back and puts me on ignore (even if had I done that, we probably would have gotten less points). We won it, but it left me wondering...

It seems that the main reason we chainlose on my server is because people tend to always blame the others for it, and they never even try to work together. Even in a PUG, you still have a chance against a premade if you organize it properly. Yelling at people and telling them it's their fault will not solve anything.

So, my question to you all is mainly how would you go about better organizing PUGs? And how do you deal with people blaming others at random?