As ive explored the game world there are several places that seem almost intended for world pvp yet unfortunately never get used but that is another conversation.

Now that it seems the Devs are working on weekend warfronts with different varying objectives( probably similar to how warhammer does there weekend warfronts) I thought it would be interesting to see how some of the existing landscape could be used in new warfronts. I'm sure the Devs already have new warfronts theyre planning on releasing in the future but maybe this could help with ideas for both new warfronts and opvp objectives.

Today I realized although id been inside a hundred times that the Chancel of Labors has a large basement. This got me thinking as I was running around up and down how this would be a great place for a 5 or 10 man warfront. with all its passages and small open sections, plenty of places to mess with LoS, and upper and lower sections it could be a really fun battle. I imagine it could work similarly to warfront warhammer added on the ship Ironside i think was called(I could be wrong).