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Thread: codex token

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    Default codex token

    I was wondering if anyone else bought the codex token, and if they noticed a stealth removal of the item.

    Removing an item is one thing but not giving the user compensation for the cost, and making no mention or concern for users who did buy this, is a pretty lame move in my opinion.

    I even bothered to bug report that item, and before I even got a response back it is removed completely.

    Maybe the devs can put some more thought into fixing their own bugs without stepping all over the users.
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    I had mine in the bank and noticed today that the tooltip changed and stated the token granted 2500 favor. So I put it in my bag and right-clicked it and got a message that I earned 2500 favor. Check your stuff again, I can't see it being gone.
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    In the recent patch they announced it' consumable for the favor spent.

    It's still there though I'd imagine unless you accidently already clicked it.
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