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Thread: Defiant's attempt to cheat on Codex Warfronts revealed

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    Default Defiant's attempt to cheat on Codex Warfronts revealed

    I'm not sure how to show this properly through screenies, but it has come to me and a number of other guardian's attention that there is a certain afk-er placed at warfronts on almost every single Codex match.



    Guardians especially, if you noticed this fellow " Titsmcgee " in your squad, you'll probably see him afking at the spawn zone for the whole time. If not, when guardians starts to become suspicious of him and complains on chat, on rare occasions, he "moves" over to the nearest statue and pretends to get involve in combat spamming heals on himself even when nobody is even attacking him for like, forever.

    And it doesn't take a genius to have a reason to believe that a defiant player is parking the afk-er on the guardian's squad so as to allow 1 additional defiant character to enter the warfield, making the numbers uneven. And then we start to see a couple more players joining the warfront in a sudden surge, then leaving. At the same time, we see a spike in defiant players over the guardians on the battlefield over time. Honestly, do the culprit/s have to resort to such methods in order to win a match?
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    Read the forums.

    Gaurdians have been doing this FOREVER
    Me killing you in your WFs
    Whats Left of Rift PVP Community: Average Players with Uber gear and bots
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    This isnt a "defiant plant", its just an afker/bot. Grats, enjoy your ruined WF like the rest of us.

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    Yeah not necessarily a defiant trying to ruin it. Just an afk botter, who leeches xp. Both sides are suffering from these. Report and hopefully he gets the ban hammer.

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