I've been PvPing since 18 and am currently 25. I'm a little confused about what gear I can buy, and what I want to start saving up for. I've read a lot of things that there aren't as many gear options as there should be for devoted PvP'ers, but still I feel like there are NPCs somewhere that might have an item I want.

Also, I think dailies should be done away with and should just become repeatables. Is it really so broken to repeat the 'Win 5 times in Codex' quest? New players trying to PvP miss out on so much gear and money. At level 25 I'm sitting on about 19 gold right now, my gear is pretty crappy but thankfully I play a Bard so it doesn't matter much. Either give us more quests to be done once daily, or turn dailies into quests that can be repeated and offer choices for quest rewards.