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Thread: Leaving Warfront penalies

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    Default Leaving Warfront penalies

    The penalty for choosing to leave a warfront needs to be increased. Something close to 1 HOUR non-que time needs to be implemented.

    Reason: Many are tired of being in que for 30+ minutes to be forced into a wf that is lost with 2 minutes remaining.

    People that leave because "they are fed up", "mad" , "WAH", etc need a reason to stay. A huge penalty shoul;d be the reason. The current system is terrible, not worth a damn, and noone cares.

    Some say "Why should I stay if I don't want to play with these noobs in this WF?"

    Answer: Why are YOU forcing ME to take the que you just left??
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    Cool No

    Should be decreased ....Get those whiney a.. brats out. I noticed more on defiant side than guardian that if defiant is losing they give up...and they won't leave because of penalty. Guardian keep going even if they're losing. I respect that.

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    You realize a longer penalty would just increase the queue times, right? Having more people queueing instead of sitting and waiting for the debuff to wear off (be it from being AFK, leaving a WF, getting knocked through the terrain, etc) would cause there to be more WFs going on at a time.
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