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Thread: we (i) need this

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    Default we (i) need this

    dear trion,

    implement a vast new zone where pvp guilds can clash against each other. implement quests and reward us with gear from playing against players so we're not obliged clearing PvE instances as well.

    here's a little short-term idea that shouldn't be too hard to fit in the storyline (of which i'm blissfull and clueless anyway) and end game.

    the VAST new area

    - theme? how about the last war frontier. the area has been under rift attacks for a long time, the defences that were once built now lies in ruin, the only hope to end the continuous rift attacks are the roaming parties and guilds who try to make a name for themselves.
    - the barricades, towers and keeps (ruined) have no other value than to offer a varying landscape and locations for players to fight at.
    - the towns and cities desolated.
    - the forests, mountains, riversides and wide open fields, locations - everything in this area would be planned in a manner for roaming parties/guilds/raids to find and fight each other in a non zergy fashion.


    - rifts spawning in random places to move those around who can't do it by themselves (yes there are those in every mmo).
    - multiple rifts simultaneously apart from each other.
    - worthwhile rewards for both closing a rift and fighting the players!

    well, i could go on and on about different kind of rewards from pvp, ranking systems, guild ranking systems - what not. but this's enough of what i expected to see in RIFT's pvp endgame, that unfortunately wasn't there.

    good luck, trion, i'm out.
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