So I have been playing since beta 5 and have tried every archetype in some capacity. Since early release I have managed to level every archetype to 25+ my problem in which I come to you all now is choosing my main. Most of my guild has been at 50 for some time now so I really need to decide and catch up.

I've broken down to cleric or mage. I'm not interested in fotm hype bc they always get nerfed so please don't base your input on pyro. I've posted for this advice here on the pvp forum bc that is what i'm most interested in. I want to be useful and effective which I currently feel like I am on both classes. SO any of you pvp vets out there, what do you see in the warfronts, whats needed, whats fun (least frustrating to play).

By the way I play defiant side on Sunrest (which from what I hear we loose 90%) of the time.