First of all, this is coming from the viewpoint of a (semi-) fresh 50 who has your stereotypical fresh 50 gear; assorted blues with an occasional sub-par epic. As a whole, I love RIFT's PvP system. There is much diversity in the Warfront maps, and I adore the diverse gameplay and tactics that accompanies it. I also rolled a PvE server for one reason, and one reason only; griefing. During the Betas, level-capped Defiant would continually camp the Sanctum exit and pretty much kill any and all people attempting to quest. I can easily see hordes of 50's clearing swathes of Gloamwood and griefing lowbies for no other reason than boredom. Whether that holds any truth, that's not the point, I just wish to provide a bit of background information on myself so that what follows will make sense given its context.

NOTE: this thread's goal isn't to complain about X class being incredibly broken or X class being underpowered, so don't even think about spewing that crap.

I try to be queued for warfronts continually, in order to gain prestige ranks and favour so I can gear up. Currently on my server cluster (Deepwood, Reclaimer, and Shatterbone), I go into warfronts only to be confronted with the exact same 4-mage (read: pyro) premade. It doesn't matter if I queue into Port Scion, Codex, or Black Garden; the only Warfront devoid of their presence seems to be Whitefall. Logically, you should be able to learn who to target and which people run which builds after facing them enough times. With my current gear, I can't even take someone past 75% before getting insta gibbed. Being in matches of this type only encourages either quest farming (if in Port Scion) or AFK warfronts. In no way should this be acceptable.

While I realize that a player with better gear should obviously be able to dominate someone with lesser gear, I also realize that the current PvP environment isn't conducive in any way towards new, fresh 50 players. World PvP is one thing - it can be filled with all the ganky-ness one could desire - but Warfronts should be a place where player skill, and not gear, can shine. It is in this spirit that I suggest the implementation of a PvP ladder of sorts. In this system, you would be placed into a bracket that corresponds to your prestige level. It would foster competition, encourage progression, and alleviate some of the less enjoyable aspects of the current warfront environment. And, of course, lessen the impact of a gear differential.

In closing, I realize that this has been suggested before, but it seems the only way for a message to get through is for it to be repeated. Should the new 50s be doomed to level their prestige 300 points at a time in order to be competitive?