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I can live with the imbalances, i can live with the OP classes and UP classes, hell I did play Warhammer after all, but what's really getting annoying is Guardian's seemingly endless capability to pick up a fang no matter how much damage they're taking. We confirmed this several times yesterday in both black gardens and whitefall on vent, where we would focus fire a person picking up the fang, everyone would take note of the damage they were doing, the grunts and animations of the person being hit, and yet they'd still snatch the fang up. I have yet to see a Defiant do this, I can't even do it with my shaman shield running (lasts less than one hit), but I see Guardians doing it daily.
There are a couple of abilities that allow players to do that, Defer Death is one of them. Riftstalker's can use it to ignore the damage for 10 seconds, and then take it all at once when it ends, which allows them to pick the fang up, then use Scatter the Shadows to be immune to the delayed damage so it doesn't 1 shot them.

I think Clerics have the ability to do that as well, although I have no idea which ability they use.

They will probably get around to fixing this, like they did with the Rogue stealth-while-carrying issue.