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    I hate how Instant gratification the gaming world has become. I don't blame any one game for it; it is now more a product of the way people are raised and the society we have become. It takes time to do anything; even in a virtual world. I don't mind having to wait a couple months if they plan on taking their time to do an addition. It is better then knee jerk reactions and piss-poor mechanics being added on a whim.

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    just give us a few castles that we can conquer m own and profit from !
    whew its gonna heat some awsome pvp ! and it was that simple .-.

    or let every single town point in neutral zones be conquerable by players - look what the hell would happen then *-* !!

    pvp madneeeesss !! no i mean HEAVEN !

    afterall i joined a server flagged as "PVP" O_O! so ... why is the onyl fighting i see in battle grounds :/ and sometimes after an invasion where then a huge RvR breaks out intul one group wipes and then runs back home.. and that sensation lasted for about 10 seconds ... to bad

    give the two factions more incentive or reason to fight each other please =/ .
    cause seriously i thought we are enemys D=
    might as well fuse the factions then or rename the game to hello kitty wonderland? o.o

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