Wow, is all I can say after reading the alpha patch notes. Some fixes were needed, but others are standard blizz changes. The page of Sabo changes made me laugh after Trion changed Sabo charges to poisons (making them cleansable at the same time...silly) and telling us to try out Sabo/Sin. What was that "Hint Hint" about if you did not want us to spec it? What were we not supposed to grab 5% more crit, 4% phy dmg, 15% dmg for 10 sec, 10% dmg for 10 sec after a crit, 20% crit dmg, and 15% poison dmg out of the Sin tree? What I am not supposed to drop 8 to 10 points into NB for the extra dmg and 20m sap? Was it my poor coding of stealth that made me getting landmines useless? Let me guess you still have not figured out to only break stealth when a rogue is damaged by an ability and how to code it? While unbinding the five charges so they can crit individually and the shrapnel bug fix are good things, the other ones are over the top. Killing the ability to heal in my tank spec for WF's...not like I did not need the tank spec in PvP with the lol 20m range of cadence.

For all the QQ'ing rofltards that think they know what PvP is all about please go play PvE and have your nice 5 min long epic battles. Thank you for ruining what could have been a great game. Guess you were never killed in wow while stun locked by a rogue either huh, and the ones that stun locked you were the nub ones too. I love watching MMO players try to play an FPS for the first time. Busy looking for the big red tags over an enemy's head to announce here I am come shot me, strolling out in the open with no idea of what cover is. Will run in the same direction for more then 10 feet so I can have a bullet waiting for you at the 11th, and crowd together as one big group so one nade can kill 4 or 5 of you. I love sneaking up on you people, and planting a knife in-between your ribs without stealth or invisibility. PvP should at least relate to reality and the idea of healers in it is just silly to me, like medic kits. You should not join a WF without being prepared to die, many times. The idea that you are a God and cannot be killed is silly and just leads to many problems. You probably played a pally in wow and are upset you are no longer a God since wrath. I would say l2p, but in reality, you just need to learn how to die without QQ'ing. They are the same ones that cry about letting a Sabo sit there for 9 seconds (5 x 1.5 + 1.5 for det) throwing big balls of magic pixie dust at them when they can run, los, cc, hell you could type out "help me" in raid in 9 seconds. Let a warrior have that same 9 seconds beating on you and see how much dmg they do versus a Sabo, I bet you would be dead. As Sabo, I had to crit to almost one shot someone unless I would stack more then five charges and they did not pop any defensive cd's. Is it really hard to count five glowing balls, and then hit a cd or cleanse? Many of the guardians I faced were smart enough to adjust to me and my spec. I was still a squishy rogue that took 9 seconds to do any dmg. All the cries of nerf warriors would stop if dps speced ones could not charge into a pack of enemies while getting spam healed. They should not be allowed to overextend themselves without dying. What are you range classes doing for that 10 yards when a warrior is in range, but is not close enough to charge yet?

The major issues with this game are not really character balance atm. It is the horrible WF que system. How hard is it have one player wait to enter the WF after accepting until a matching player of the opposite faction has accepted? The last WF I tried to do was a 6v4 BG with one out of our four fun. No amount of gear, skill, or spec would have helped me there. The afk system they are putting in is a joke and thought they could do better. The maps still need fixing like the codex rocks, whitefall is narrower on guardian side, and the one path in the port is shorter. I played as an ally for more then 3 years on a 2 to 1 server and had enough of being the red headed stepchild due to my idiot friends. Tired of teammates screaming in raid "Kill the guy with the fang" when the person with the fang has 3+ healers keeping him up...maybe that is why I am attacking the healers nub. Tired of trying to explain that since we have less healers, grabbing the flag and running back as one big group in whitefall while trying to kill their flag carrier will never work. I had already cancelled my account due these issues with the game and now the rogue changes are the finisher. I refuse to waste more time leveling a guardian or a Totm just so I can enjoy PvPing; I liked my rogue. Their promise of delivering a polished game at launch falls short imo. The changes to the classes are blizz like in their mentality, one band-aid over another. Do not even get me started on feral druids, their 55 dps fixed weapon, and scaling. Let me guess it is to hard to change charges back to non-poisons and kill 15% of our dps that way and easier to make a whole page of changes?

Wait a second I do not work for them why am I trying to help them fix their game. I was going to pay them $15 a month for this. Maybe if they fix their game and people are still here in a couple months I will be back. Do not worry I will not be going back to Wow, been over a year.